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Lamar Area Insight

  • If you're passing through Lamar around lunchtime, you'll be surprised to find that one of the busiest places to eat is at DJ's Gas and Grocery. What, a gas station? Believe it or not, their daily specials bring people from all over the county. It's not unusual to go in there on Friday, which is Chicken and Dressing day, and see a line of people around the perimeter of the store. The daily special is sure to be filling, but if you're not looking for the comfort food, just order one of their famous burgers and home fries. The food is great and the Deli Manager is sure to make you smile. Another great thing about small town living!
  • There will be about another 10 days to two weeks of juicy, nutritious, tree-ripened peaches at the Lamar Peach Orchard, known as Peach Pickin' Paradise. This heat and humidity plus superb orchard management and care produce these scrumptious fruits!
  • Well we went from a bright, sunny afternoon to rumbles of thunder early this evening. Then, we were blessed with pea-sized hail. I was too lazy to drive the SUV into the garage. That small ice invented by mother nature does no damage.

    Following or in conjunction with the icy tidbits were volumes of rain! In some parts of this country they would describe this onslaught of rain as a "toad strangler"! You can never get bored with our weather!
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    Lamar, AR
    Lamar AR now has Koodies! They are a newer pizza restaurant in Lamar, AR. They serve pizza, burgers, and have a kids menu. If you want a great salad, try theirs. It's a great place to hang with your friends and have drinks and pizza.
  • I love Christmas Cacti! As a young child I watched my grandmother raise and nurture these plants in Mena, Arkansas. I too have started a collection of them on my rock bench in the living room. Typically these plants mysteriously bloom around Christmas. I have an older plant that has been blooming since Christmas and has never stopped. Today my newest addition, a small Christmas Cactus given to me by my daughter, has blooms beginning. We are about 11 months off schedule, but I will certainly enjoy this Sunday morning surprise.
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    Lamar, AR
    While visiting a house two days ago, I was introduced to a litter of silver lab pups. The most unusually colored coats I had ever seen on a dog. The wiggling, chubby mass kept running under foot---wanting to be held. The parents were a beautiful color, silver also. I would love to have one of these for my home!!!
  • Did you know that in 1917 William Lee Cazort, Jr. was the youngest ever Arkansas House Speaker; he was 29 years old. At age 33, in 1921, he was the youngest ever State Senate President? He was born in the small town of Lamar, AR. Back then, it was called Cabin Creek. Small town folks doing big things!
  • They taste just like my mother's. I am talking about the pies and cakes that are created daily in Sweet Treats. The delicately formed pie crusts melt in your mouth, and the cream fillings of all varieties are absolutely sinful! Did I mention they also cook great daily luncheon specials! They offer catering services too. Open week days from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. I frequently stop by and enjoy the delicious entrees and desserts of this quaint place.
  • Koodies is the name of my friends' pizza eatery! Generously sized discs of scrumptious, freshly made goodness! My favorite pizzas are the supreme and Canadian bacon ones. And their juicy burgers are excellent also. It is a busy place. You can call ahead and order "to go", if you wish. It is located right in the middle of Lamar on Highway 64.

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