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Benton Area Insight

  • Jessica Plouch
    RE/MAX Elite
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    Benton, AR
    Did you hear the news? Saline County will soon be welcoming Newk's Eatery! Newk's Eatery will be opening in the Hurricane Creek Village Shopping Center located behind Tacos 4 Life in Benton.

    Currently, we have not heard of projected open dates but look forward to having a new restaurant in town! Welcome to Saline County Newk's Eatery!
  • Jessica Plouch
    RE/MAX Elite
    DQ Grill & Chill is coming to Benton in the Hurricane Creek Village Shopping Center! DQ will be located toward the back of the shopping center just behind Academy and Kroger and next to Pie Five Pizza. DQ Grill & Chill is hoping to open by the end of the year!

    You Scream Holdings, LLC is the franchisee for the venture. You Scream Holdings, LLC already has franchises in Little Rock, Sherwood, Conway, and Cabot. DQ Grill & Chill will be a great addition to the shopping center! Whenever they do open their doors, I will be there often!
  • The Benton area is gaining a new restaurant off I-30. Freddy's Frozen Custard is set to open in the Shoppe's of Benton. The date that it will open has not been announced yet, but Benton residents are excited for the new changes. Residents are also anticipating the arrival of Red Robin, but construction has not begun. Within the past two years Benton has seen a lot of new things come their way which has left the economy thriving!
  • With the winter season beginning the River Center has taken down the water rock climbing wall and replaced it with the water obstacle course. If you have not yet been to the River Center to check out the swimming area then I would highly recommend doing so. It has a children's shallow pool ( one ft. deep) that any age child can play in. The pool area of Riverside Park also has a water slide, water features, play equipment, competition pools, diving boards, an inside/outside water slide, and whirlpool. As much as the rock wall was loved it is nice that the River Center will be changing out the water features and keeping everyone excited about what's to come
  • Preparing your home for winter is an important semi-annual activity. What better time to do this than in January? Doing maintenance on your home can prevent costly emergency repairs. For instance, tuning up your heating system before an ice storm hits will keep you from calling out a repair man in the middle of a snow storm for a steep fee (yes...I do speak from experience). Here are some other useful tips to start the year off on the right foot:

    1. Call the heat and air guy out to your house! As I mentioned above it will keep you from making a call later in the season for an emergency. Having them come out to your house twice a year is recommended and it is not costly for them to do this type of preventative maintenance.
    2. Remember to change your ceiling fan settings. I am the worst about remembering this, but it is best to flip the settings on your fan to help your air flow during the summer and winter.
    3. Check the caulk around your windows and doors. If the gap between the window and window frame is larger than a nickel width then repairing the caulk can be a quick fix and it costs less than $10 for a tube at most repair stores.
    4. Clean out your gutters from the leaves and debris. This can build up in the gutters and cause rain to stand on the roof and in the gutters and freeze over night.
    5. Prepare to stow your mower for the winter. Leaving gas in the mower over the winter can cause damage to the engine and it may not start in the spring when you need it.
    6. Call out a chimney sweep or buy chimney cleaning logs at a repair store.
    7. Speaking of your fireplace: Be sure you have your firewood ready, but store it at least 30 feet from your home and in a dry place to avoid a fire hazard.
    8. Snuggle up, invite some friends over, and watch a movie with a cup of hot cocoa. Enjoy the season, because we live in Arkansas, so the hot weather will be back soon.
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    Benton, AR
    Recently a family member had their house broken into. They lived in a good neighborhood and took precautions, but still this happened. Most people do not look into extra security for their home until they have a break-in. I don't think that waiting until you have an invasion is a good plan, because then your space already feels violated.

    Have you wondered about extra security measures that you can take? Have you looked into home security systems, but feel they are too expensive?
    I will show you ways that you can protect your home without it taking a lot of time out of your day or buying expensive equipment.

    1. Motion Detection Lighting
    You would think that a robber would like to have some lighting to help them get into a home, but actually they are pros at breaking into a home when there are no lights around. If you keep a front porch light on then this could scare potential robbers away, but it can get expensive to keep lights on around your home at all times. Instead, look into motion detection for your front porch and even on the sides and back of your home that click on when someone gets near. Motion detection has advanced over the years and there are many options that let you choose how long the light stays on and what distance you want it set for. This will prevent the light coming on every time a squirrel runs through your yard.

    2. Vacations
    This last thing that you want after you get home from a vacation is to see that your house has been broken into. If someone sees that your home has been empty for days, then they will think of it as an easy target. Prepare for the time away from your home by asking a neighbor, family member, or friend to check in on your home. Also, keep a light on inside the home and when someone comes to check in ask them to turn off the light that you left on and turn on a light in a different area of the house.

    3. Home Security Systems
    Have you looked into home security systems and felt that were too expensive? Don't worry there are many options still available for you! There are some home security systems that do not require a contract to be signed or a professional to install the equipment. One such system, that I have used personally is called Simpli Safe, which has different plans that you can choose from starting at 14.99. Also, you can choose what equipment you want: carbon monoxide, fire alarm, a door has been opened, window break-in, and install it where you want it.

    These are just a few steps that you can take to protect your home. It is worth the time to look into what else you can do.
  • Selling items on craigslist, facebook, and other social media sites has become increasingly popular. With that popularity has been an outpouring of crimes happening during the exchange, so the Benton Police Department has decided to take a stand to help prevent these crimes. The department has added a safe location spot that is under 24 hour video surveillance for people to use when selling items on the internet. This area is also a great location to do a child custody swap.

    If you take exit 117 and cross over Military Road then the Benton Police Department is located behind the Benton Utilities building. Once you are there then you will notice a "Safe Exchange" sign in the parking lot. See the link below for more details.

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