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Pope County Area Insight

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    Pope County, AR
    If you're in the market to buy a home, you may want to check out the local newspapers, realtor websites, or social media to find out where the Open Houses are being held. You will find several in the Pope County area ranging in all sizes and price ranges! Grab your family and friends, gear up your GPS and head out to see all the houses for sale!
  • Hey Pope County!

    There is a new Rural Transportation Service available Monday thru Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is an inexpensive way to get to your doctor appointments, pick up groceries, or any personal needs. It's available to anyone that needs a ride. Minors must be accompanied by adults.

    One way fares average $3 and round-trip $6. Each additional stop is $1.

    Call 479-424-2098 or 1-855-642-0060 to get more information or schedule your ride.

    Take advantage of this service and tell your friends and relatives. It's available in Pope, Johnson, and Franklin Counties.
  • Ask a Local Expert a question about Pope County.
    Pope County, AR
    Pope County is home to an abundance of wildlife! View animals from turkey, white tail deer, elk, and bear. Oh my we have bear! We have a cabin nestled in the Ozark National Forest and my husband has managed to capture great photos of lots of wildlife that I'll share with you.

    The Ozark National Forest is home not only to wildlife but offers hiking trails, horse trails, river rafting, rock climbing, cave exploring, waterfalls and so much more! Located just outside of Russellville with lots to do. Come explore our beautiful community!
  • Most people think that January is not the best time to list a home. However, last year, January was one of our busiest months! So far, this year January has been good to us as well. We are getting appointments and even offers on our properties despite the weather. 2015 should be a good year!

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