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White Hall Area Insight

  • El Parion is a Mexican restaurant that we've been going to for ages. It has great food that is affordable, fresh, and hot. The customer service is also some of the best I have observed. Also, the location is great and most convenient, Safer spot in White Hall, AR.
  • BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha is a spiritual, volunteer-driven fellowship dedicated to improving society through individual growth by fostering the Hindu values of faith, service and global harmony. Some quotes from Pramukh Swami Maharaj include, “In the joy of others lies our own" and "True spirituality speaks the language of love” and “Better the world around you by bettering yourself." Visit BAPS.org for more information. BAPS is one of the well known Hindu Sampraday in the world. There are many lakes of Swaminarayan Temple in the world.
  • EL Sol is one of the best places to enjoy Mexican food in Pine Bluff. Very neat and clean, it is situated in Watson Chapel area on Camden Rd in Pine Bluff.
  • Pine Bluff Arsenal is situated at Hoadley Rd, White Hall, AR. There are many activities there including biotech research based on animal science. It also has natural resources for hunting. I always respect US Army and Veterans. If my county needs me, I am ready to serve. I am not good fighter, but I am able to work in other areas in US Army. Pine Bluff Arsenal is in White Hall. White Hall is very nice town, neat and clean, with many good elementary schools. I have enjoyed White Hall, AR since 2016.
  • Located along Hwy 530 at Exit 32, White Hall Water Park stands out as a delightful destination for kids to revel in water activities, offering a well-maintained and organized space. The facility caters to the Asian communities with indoor activities like basketball and volleyball. Beyond recreational offerings, the park provides spacious halls ideal for various events, ensuring a safe environment for children. White Hall itself boasts a friendly community, with appealing homes nearby. Woodland and Daniel Oaks emerge as particularly attractive neighborhoods for those seeking charming residences in close proximity to the water park's enjoyable amenities.

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