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Lake Ludwig Area Real Estate And Homes For Sale In Clarksville, AR

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Lake Ludwig Area Insight

  • Rockwall Heights is a nicer subdivision located off Hwy 21 North in Clarksville AR. Turn by Lake Ludwig and enter into one of Clarksville's newer developments. Still lots of buildable lots available. Come check it out!
  • The Clarksville Light and Water sponsored a project to improve the appearance of the Lake Ludwig Spillway located in Clarksville AR. Sue Kinsey, a local Artist, did a marvelous job on the artwork! Another example of this wonderful community working together for all!
  • Residents near this beautiful lake north of Clarksville and directly off of scenic Highway 21, are reporting a large sleigh and several reindeer making a practice run! Apparently they are in training for the near future event! Though some of the reindeer appeared a tad out of condition, I am sure within the next two weeks they will be physically fit to make those successful deliveries to all! Visit Lake Ludwig anytime - it's one of our town's spectacular features!
  • The temperatures are so hot this week in the Clarksville and River Valley areas! You should hit Lake Ludwig to cool off. The lake has a newer swimming area, fishing area, and lots of rooms for boating! This is one of the many gifts of this is area! Clarksville is a great place to visit or buy a home and stay awhile.

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