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Find area information and real estate listings for the Walton Heights Development, Little Rock, Arkansas. Learn more about Walton Heights, including available homes for sale, school info, and area reviews, from a local RE/MAX real estate agent.

Walton Heights Area Insight

  • Madeline Balgavy
    RE/MAX Elite
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    Walton Heights Development
    Every Thursday each month, I'm going to spotlight some of the unique businesses I love in Little Rock! I'll be telling you about all kinds of businesses, but this week it's about fitness. I don't know about you, but I've been longing to go back to the gym. Personally, I'm not ready for that yet with COVID still being a very real thing. And the weather hasn't been great for outdoor walks lately. It struck me that there has to be other options out there. Somewhere you can go to tune out the world for half an hour and improve your health at the same time. Introverts, you feel that, right?

    So first up is SWEAT, Little Rock Sauna Studio. Full disclosure, this place is owned by friends of mine, and I work there a few hours a week. I'm writing about them because I want to, not because they asked me to. Nevertheless, SWEAT is ultra-cool and is the only place like it in the entire state of Arkansas. Like, literally there is no other place in the state like SWEAT.

    When you think "sauna," what comes to mind is probably people sitting around in towels in a room filled with steam. Rest assured, that is one type of sauna. But SWEAT isn't that type. They offer infrared sauna pods, which is a whole different experience in nearly every way.

    Each pod has its own private room, and when you visit, you can choose the room you prefer. There's even a tandem room that has two pods if you want to experience this with a friend, spouse, or another partner!

    Sessions last about 30 minutes, and you have control of the level of heat your pod emits. You will sweat in there, and it's designed to emulate an intense workout. So...the benefits of a workout, but in a totally private room, and it's totally Zen in there, y'all. Sign me up!

    A few additional benefits of these sessions include detoxification, skin rejuvenation, weight loss, lower blood pressure, improved circulation, workout recovery, wound healing, and stress reduction. I'm sure you have additional questions, so give their website a visit and check out the FAQ section!
  • Ronald Jones
    RE/MAX Affiliates Realty
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    Walton Heights Development
    Walton Heights/Candlewood is a 475 single family neighborhood located in West Little Rock. The area is located on a 700 foot ridge that affords magnificent Arkansas River Valley views for some and wonderful secluded green space for others. The entire area is teeming with wildlife.

    There is shopping, hospitals, schools, hiking and biking trails, and much more in very close proximity to the area. The homes here range from the $170's all the way up to just over a million with a river view. There is only one entrance in and out, making Walton Heights one of the safer areas to live according to statements from the Little Rock Police Department. Fire protection is located at the neighborhood entrance. Response times are very fast anywhere in the neighborhood for any kind of emergency. This is truly a great area to live and play!

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